The Nimble Advantage for Dunkin' Donuts™ Franchisees

Nimble accounting makes accounting so easy for Dunkin' Donuts™ franchisees. The salient features are

  1. The entire data capture for a corporation can be done in 5 easy steps.
    1. Import sales data using Radiant Register
    2. Import DCP data
    3. Import payroll data
    4. Enter checks and deposits
    5. Perform Bank reconciliation
  2. Data entry made so simple that you can enter one month’s data in less than 3 hrs per Corporation. Typical work breakdown as recorded by our BPO team from one year of operations on 100 corporations...
    S.No Task Maximum Transactions per month Average Time in minutes
    1 Sales (import using Radiant Register) 30 30
    2 DCP (import) 10 15
    3 Payroll (import) - weekly 4 30
    4 Checks 45 30
    5 Deposits 30 20
    6 Credit Card Sales (automated) 120 0
    7 Journal Entries 2 5
    8 Bank Reconciliation 125 45
    Total 376 175
    (2.55 hrs)
  3. Franchise fee: Franchise fees will be calculated automatically by the application
  4. You can view the up-to-date financial statements like P&L, BALANCE SHEET etc. anytime from anywhere.
  5. Receive the Flash P&L and other customized reports in the form of a Report Book regularly in your inbox.
  6. Generate and upload the Dunkin P&L as and when you like without depending on your accountant.

In summary, the key benefits are...

  1. 1. 50% savings on data entry costs.
  2. Up-to-date financial status at the click of a mouse.
  3. Less dependency on in-house accountant support.